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Calamity Day Make Up Work
February 5, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

After several years of ‘mild’ winter weather, we currently find ourselves in the midst of another challenging winter.  We thought it important to provide as much advanced warning as possible so parents/guardians could plan accordingly.

The Mount Vernon City School Board, administration, and staff values ongoing instruction and supports the limited use of calamity days.  The board adopted a policy which states that days missed beyond five (5) would be made up in the following manner:

Calamity Days 6-8 – will be completed via online activities or Blizzard Bags
Calamity Days 9+ - will be made up at the end of the year beginning on Friday, May 31

There are several options that we have considered to meet the requirements to maintain ongoing instruction. The option of Blizzard Bags for calamity days 6-8 will be used primarily at the elementary level. We have asked teachers to be mindful of Quality vs. Quantity when assigning ‘Blizzard Bag’ work.  It is not our intention to simply create ‘busy work’ for students and parents. The Middle School and High School will be primarily utilizing technology and their chromebooks to assign daily work.

We have currently utilized six (6) calamity days. Your child should have received/will receive
information regarding Blizzard Bag and/or online assignments for calamity day #6.  When necessary, additional Blizzard Bag and/or online assignments will be issued for calamity days 7 and 8.

While we hope that we don’t have to utilize calamity days 6-8 in the coming months, safety must always be our first priority. Please stay warm and be safe!


William Seder Jr.
Attachments Available To Download:
Calamity Day Letter from Superintendent William Seder