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Jackets In The Know Team Celebrates National Library Week
The MVHS In The Know academic quiz bowl team celebrated National Library week at the Mount Vernon Public Library, playing against a community team, a Friends of the Library team, and a Library staff team. The photo is the Library staff versus Luke Trese, Mary Harris, Nicole Steady, and Joseph Higginbotham in a match the student team managed to tie at the buzzer. Other In The Knowers participating were Greg Gillen, Kyle Boucher, Malcolm MacDonell, Jacob Lebold, and Hanna Hyde.

The three matches included a team question and a toss-up question from ten different categories, 10 Alphabet round questions, where the answers all begin with the same letter, and ten lightening round toss-up questions, where contestants have to buzz in faster than the other team. Players may confer with each other on every question until their own team buzzes in. The moderator was Mr. Fetters, the In The Know coach, who would ask the audience of about 30 at the public library to answer if the contestants could not. Nearly every question was answered by a contestant or an audience member.