Ms. Mariana Wölk
I am Ms. Mariana Wölk. I am from Argentina, and Spanish is my first language. I came to the United States in 2004 with a program called Visiting International Faculty Program. I landed in North Carolina where I taught Spanish. I have been teaching Spanish since then. Great opportunities brought me to Ohio where I settled down and have continued with my passion for teaching. Back in Argentina, I taught English as a Foreign Language. I have been a teacher all my life. In Argentina I got a Bachelor Degree in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language from Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado Paraná. In 2012, I got a dual Masters in Applied Linguistics in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language from Universidad de Jaen, Spain, as well as Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana de Puerto Rico. I love teaching my first language because it is great fun.
Daily Schedule
28:26-9:09Spanish 2207
39:12-9:55Spanish 2207
49:58-10:41Spanish 2207
812:23-1:06Spanish 2
91:09-1:52Spanish 2207
101:55-2:38Spanish 2207


Mariana Wölk

(740) 393-5900 ext. 5649
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