Katie Gentry
My name is Katie Gentry and I have been an elementary art teacher for sixteen years.  I graduated from Marshall University in 2004 with a BA in Secondary Education Art K-12.  I completed my National Board Certification in Early Middle Child Art in 2007 and earned a Masters in Art Education in 2015.  I strongly believe every child can create something wonderful and learning about art should be a fun, meaningful experience.  I am looking forward to sharing my passion for art and inspiring students to be creative this school year.  
Learning resources for at home learning can be found on my grade level pages.  Looking for something fun to add to your day?  Check out my useful links!
BE CREATIVE AT HOME!!! Here are a few ideas:
Play outside and DRAW what you see with sidewalk chalk.
Play with play dough and create a SCULPTURE.
Make a family portrait by PAINTING with water colors.
TRACE your hand with pencil then create a different TEXTURE on each finger.
Draw a maze with different types of LINES.
Stare at the clouds and DRAW the SHAPES you see.
Be an ARCHITECT by building a house out of plastic solo cups.
Make crayon RUBBINGS from the bottom of your shoes.
Cut apples and potatoes to create PRINTMAKING by dipping them in paint and stamping on paper.

Katie Gentry

The best way to contact me is through e-mail since I teach at multiple schools.
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