Heidi Craigo

Mrs. Heidi Craigo

Hello Friends!
This week's work is being passed out on Monday, May 4, Week 7.  
Next Monday, May 11, Week 8, will be the last week for sending out work on new concepts.
However, please plan to stop by the week of May 18 to pick up a fun packet of activites to keep your little ones busy for the duration of May.  This will be an opportunity for you to return any library books, book room books or reading bags for the year. I will also have all of their belongings, school work and supplies ready to hand out for the summer. 
I am missing you all so much and look forward to Zooming some reading groups this week! 
Hope to see you at our Zoom meeting on Tuesday, May 5 at 11:00 
What's in Your Garden?
Listen to stories about what you might find in your garden while listening to Mrs. Spitzer's Garden
Can you remember 3 interesting things you learned about while listening to the non-fiction book Ladybugs?
Online Learning Opportunities
Have you seen our new look? | Khan Academy
Khan Academyoffers your learner kindergarten appropriate math tasks that will support practice in concepts that they have already secured in our earilier learning this year at school as well as concepts we will continue to work on from home this year.  I am able to monitor your child's progress from my account, and I am pleased that some of you have already taken advantage of this resource! I can assign higher level math concepts as your student grows and secures concepts as a Math learner. 
          Raz Kids Clipart
Raz Kids, A-Z booksis an online opportunity for your reader to experience leveled books, similar to what they would have introduced to them in Guided Reading groups at school.  I am able to set the levels of readers that is presented to your child, and I can see the different books that your child is experiencing from home. Please reach out to me through email if you need support in either of these online resources.  Enjoy! 
I am so proud of all of the work that you are sending back to me completed!  You are taking your time coloring and writing some really good stories that tell me you are having good experiences outside and getting some exercise! Keep it up!!
Scholastic Learn at Home
Mystery Doug
Read Aloud with Mrs. Bradley
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